LiBRE BRAND is a multimedia, public relations and fashion firm whose focus is to give ambitious young creatives and intellectuals the digital platform to express themselves and accumulate revenue. LiBRE BRAND has been distinctively known for its fashion line with psychedelic colors and cultural oriented designs that have been supported by celebrities and public figures with a customer-base and support system through out the United States and internationally.  


LIBRE Brand is a public relations business which is within the sectors of clothing, cinema, music management and marketing. First and foremost, the word “LiBRE” is a word in the Spanish and French languages which literally means “free.” In this diverse society, what is arguably identifiable to all humans, individually and collectively is that they want freedom. Humans want the freedom to choose, the freedom to think, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of expression, the freedom to worship, the freedom to vote, etc. Even though the definition of freedom may cause divergence and differentiation among different cultures/civilizations thoughout the world, we could concur that people want to believe in the relative definitions and perceptions of being “free.”  In this case, from a humanist and economic perspective, “LIBRE” identifies with the masses since in revolutionary movements, from the American Revolution, to the French Revolution, to the San Dominique (Haitian) Revolution, to the various insurrections in the world, people fought for principles which have been coined in the 18th century as “Enlightment Principles”; such as, life, liberty, justice, property, happiness, equality, etc.


Since this clothing line was founded in the United States with its history of colonization, oppression, revolution, secession, wars, upward mobility, foreign intervention and other kinds of events, we could see that the Founding Fathers of the country fought for liberty from the oppressive, dictatorial powers of the British royalty. Implicit within the word liberty is the word “libre.” The English language has a connection with the Romantic languages; such as, French and Spanish which derives from Latin. Additionally, the Africans who were enslaved in the western Hemisphere joined the Revolutionary war, Civil War, World War I and World War II with the intentions of true liberty and equality.Concomitantly, America is known as the land of opportunity and this catalyzed towards various immigrants from mainly Europe, Asia, the Caribbean Islands, Africa and South America immigrating to this country for liberty to pursue their own destinies because of the relative circumstances in their respective homelands. They couldn't pursue the opportunities which are provided in America. In this case, liberty or “libre” is identifiable with all American and global citizens and this clothing line will be for "The People."


We sell high quality apparel with exceptional customer service. Through our apparel, we delineate designs which exemplify the inclinations of humans throughout history and in modernity. The clothing designs possess positive affirmations and a lot of symbolism which is innovative and yet adaptative to the interests of the people.  The slogan, “FREEDOM OF FLYNESS” has two interpretations. The first connotation being political due to the fact that it represents people being free from the fetters of ignorance, blindness, propaganda, oppression and repression. The other connotation is of one being free to be themselves, to be unique and to be independent because once one comes to the self actualization process and ascertains his or her being, then they are “fly” characteristically and literally.   They are then flying and extricating themselves from conformity, sycophancy and being controlled.  The logo of LiBRE BRAND possesses a lot of symbolism which embodies its ideals. First and foremost, the logo is the falcon Heru or Horus which was an anthropomorphized ancient Egyptian deity which symbolized re-birth, resurrection, righteousness and warriorship.


According to Ancient Egyptian mythology and theology, Heru was the re-incarnation of his father, Ausar or Osiris who was murdered by his jealous step brother, Set due to the fact that Osiris was the Pharaoh of Egypt who was receiving a lot of recognition, respect and was given legitimacy due to his leadership abilities. Horus was born to seek revenge for his father’s death so that he could free the land of Kemet (Egypt) from the evilness of Set’s leadership.In this case, Heru represents people globally living their lives to do whatever they can for freedom to make the world a better place for themselves and the posterity of humanity. Additionally, the broken cuffs on the ankles symbolize the logo which is “FREEDOM OF FLYNESS” which is the freedom to soar from incarceration, oppression, repression and suppression. Additionally, the wayfarer shades/glasses symbolize style and sophistication and were the frames that were worn by Malcolm X and the progressive youth of the 1960s who were fighting and agitating against the injustices in the world. In this case, the logo symbolizes justice, liberty, Afrocentricity, Egyptology, sophistication and “LIBRE.”